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Dec 1, 2012 2:30pm EST
the global economy" you served as an adviser to the clinton global initiative. what are you advising them on? >> thank you asking me that question. i was there at last three days. and i've been working with them for the last three years, the reason i'm thanking you is that i really appreciated that affiliation. they have a wonderful platform there, and the advicers on the program what sort of things to future, what sort of people bring new idea, and challenge that audience to think about very different ways to engage the world. it's particularly relevant because in every participant's bag, as they register for the clinton global initiative they received a copy of "time" magazine which president clinton had authored an essay titled "the case for optimism" and at the clinton global initiative this year chelsea clinton lead a session entitled "case for optimism." she was interviewed by charlie rose. that was the focal point of the interview. i'm with that message. focused on finding collaborative solutions to world's greatest challenges. we have a lot of great challenges. we don't address those
Dec 1, 2012 12:30pm EST
the holocaust museum, the commission that lead to that, worked on the soviet -- during the clinton administration, i was ambassador to the european union, and i did as undersecretary all the holocaust negotiations. i negotiated $8 billion of compensation from the swiss, german, austrians for slave labor, insurance, patrol, restitution and the like, and here i'm really trying to look at this from a perspective of someone who has been a senior government official but also a leader in the jewish community. that's why the book has been endorsed by president clinton and harris. >> stewart, the future of the jews. how global forces are impacting the jewish people, israel, and the relationship with the united states. it's booktv on c-span2. >>> with about a month left in 2012, many publications are putting out the year end list of notable lists. booktv will feature many of the lists. focus on the non-fiction. these were including in "the washington post best book of 2012. this year's national book award winner for non-fiction "behind the beautiful forevers." katherine boo profiles. the la
Dec 1, 2012 5:30pm EST
serving as undersecretary of commerce in the clinton administration, managing director of the kissinger associates and and a former businessman. is being capital type of operation a black rock type operation healthy for our economy? >> guest: it is essentials for the economy. it needs private equity, an innovator to go to somebody with capital and be able to applies at capital to they're big ideas and help from grow and help to create jobs. does that mean bane or black rock need all the tax breaks to treat interest in the way they treat them, that we need to trade capital gains in the way we treat capital gains to give the mall and advantage? of course it doesn't. they can still get plenty rich and have plenty of incentives without having some much of the playing field tilted in their direction that the rest of society that needs these resources to build a school or highway or bridge or health care system don't get that. >> host: we are talking with david rothkopf about "power, inc.: the epic rivalry between big business and government" and the reckoning that lies ahead. jeff in santa f
Dec 1, 2012 11:00am EST
point in which hillary clinton advice is put into play, stop whining? >> everybody please. it is a really good question. >> i am far. we didn't hear a question. does someone have a question? >> i have a question. there is a way in which this conversation very much mirrors the conversation that men have about these issues or the issues that face the country that constantly make me feel left out of this because i am single. all of this conversation is directed towards families and family values and yet i believe the majority of women in the country today are actually single, many of them may be younger so you assume they will aspire after those kinds of lies, but i don't see you very much talking about single women and i do believe we should divide into different pieces but i don't often hear myself and other women like me reflected in these conversations. >> that is a good point but let me add a as a single woman you may have an aging grandmother. you may have a close friend, you may have our medical emergency. so a policy like paid maternity and family leave would be a gre
Dec 1, 2012 3:00pm EST
the clinton and the change in the rule fas rule 157. i wondered how a change in the rule could be done and nobody saw that it was going to deval all the port follow owe -- the market. >> yeah. and how somebody could not see that. and second part as a female, of course, a lot has been written there would have beenless chris sis if there were more women in the financial market. >> let me answer the last one first. i mean, given what i saw until the conclusion i reached in the book, diversity helps because you have people from a multiplicity of perspectives, and you -- huh? [inaudible] i would not want to betray any prejudice by saying what women do. i think a diversity on the board elsewhere is really helpful in a lot of cases. but you can always point to counter examples. there's a woman on the risk committee of jpmorgan chase when they just took the hit $5.8 million. mark to market is really -- what we saw was that certain tools in the hands of the right managers are really good. that would apply to all derivative. in the hands of the wrong people really don't work. gold manuses mark t
Dec 1, 2012 8:15pm EST
to run for office is like having -- asking bill clinton to be monogamous. [laughter] like asking an activist to bathe. i could go through 10 of them that i will stop there. however the people you're dealing with once every two years in once every four years is like a romance novel. running for office as the romance novel. they are into it. their cars run for office. when you see them they have bumper stickers. is like a whiny to know how they feel all the time. i'm going off topic here. i was interviewed today, one of the worst interviews ever. she asked me a softball question and then can you tell me what the book says and i said can you give me specifics? there were 40 seconds of silence. if you can just tell me what you're talking about. actually bashing liberals. u.s. for specifics and it's clear that she had not read the book. you can't argue with the liberal when they don't even want to show up to do the homework. anyway, i kept going okay, this is a journalist. i feel like blah, blog, blog. so i'm going okay i think it's only the liberals that they like. i might be wrong b
Dec 3, 2012 4:00am EST
to do and i some of the techniques but for the teams and locked up because a clinton but help is key to getting your players that is what their oil to do. going to do. >>host: we have to moderate on our nfl full block premium this item #198-967 and all sides bets all. we also list for $21.95 and next time there's a football showed these ads will probably be gone. do not go anywhere we have more nfl fan shop coming up. [commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you so much for shopping with us by name is brett chukerman and here's our good friend antthony he is worrying us the inside scoop today morgan offered to you right now this is the popular look in the entire world for a nfl jacket. it is a classic look with the letter and jacket and it has the leatherthe jacket we have the team establishment right here at the bottom with those dimensional patches as well as a logo and the name. this is really a cut above the rest and is the day to shop for this jacket. if we have taken $40 off the price as part of our holiday promotion for you. we also for flex payments of $57.49 a
Dec 2, 2012 1:30am EST
those take in, day out to pick your clinton but we're including that the and also, add in the air tight holders that is another $25. just that in the packaging alone, we're talking over $100 and that does not even counting for all look 24 k, brilliant uncirculated layered quarters that you are getting for $33. about how many get steve guess that your friends, your family will open up and it will be the nice gift at first but then it goes by the waste site, they will forget about it but this is one gift that is so impressive so stunning and where it will be the heir to treasure. >>guest: this is not something that goes often relegated to the cause, this is fraught and center and a3 hallway or something like this but this will become a generational touchdown, it will touch every generation as it passes down. it goes down mothers fathers, and in uncles and this touchesgeneration and it will pass from generation to generation and that is what when collectingis is a perfect example and for the price of the packaging look at this fantastic chest, $79.95, this a solid red of presentation box
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8